Puppy’s Days Filled With Hopeful Anticipation & Crushing Disappointment

A three-month-old stray puppy, named Bertha, was born on a dirty street. She was unwanted until volunteers found her and brought her to the shelter. Bertha adored people and eagerly awaited for someone to pay attention to her. When they did, she would wag her whole body and joyfully jump up and down. But even though she was safe, she longed for a family of her own.


At the shelter, ‘Bertha’s days were a mix of hopeful anticipation and crushing disappointment.’ Potential adopters strolled through, and she did all she could for them to notice her. But they chose other dogs and she was left feeling empty and rejected. One morning, a mom, dad, and their young daughter Yumi, visited the shelter. Yumi stood outside Bertha’s kennel. The dog excitedly wagged her tail, hoping this family wouldn’t be like the rest.

Yumi’s parents smiled at one another as they watched Bertha. Yumi turned to her parents and asked, “Mom, Dad, can we take her home? Please!” The puppy gazed up at them with pleading eyes, her body still wriggling with hope. The family talked to the shelter staff, and after filling out some paperwork, Bertha was finally coming home!

Life with a family was everything Bertha had ever dreamed of. Yumi adored her new furry ‘sister’ and showered her with tons of love. They went on long walks together, played in the park, and snuggled on the couch. Bertha had found her forever home, and she relished in every moment. Bertha was no longer a dejected shelter dog, she was a cherished member of a family.

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