Dog Fighting Ring Dumped Pit Bull In The Trash, But No One Stopped To Help Her

A Pit Bull named Mercy was abandoned in a pile of trash near a secluded roadside in Echo Lake, Texas, which is a known area for dog fighting rings. Despite being disoriented and paralyzed, Mercy waited for several days in her own waste, but no one stopped to help her.


Judy Obregon, the founder of “Tao Animal Rescue,” discovered Mercy when the abandoned dog had lost all hope of surviving. However, Mercy began to wag her tail when Judy approached her, despite being weak and disabled. This suggested that Mercy was still alive and breathing, although she must have been frightened and lonely for a long time.


Source/Image Screenshot Credit: TheDodo via YouTube Video


Judy swiftly took the sick Pit Bull to her truck and drove her to the hospital. During the ride, Mercy, who was frightened, extended her paw to Judy and begged her to hold it. She also kindly comforted the dog for the remainder of the journey and reassured her that she was safe in her care.

The vet at the hospital confirmed that Mercy did not sustain injuries from being hit by a car. However, because of several old and new fractures, it seems that Mercy suffered from prolonged abuse. The dog is now following an intensive recovery plan although she struggled to eat and perform bowel movements in the first few days of treatment.



Mercy’s caretakers worked tirelessly for several months through multiple surgeries, monitoring, and rehabilitation, which resulted in her being able to walk on her own. The heartwarming video showcases not just her remarkable recovery but also her vibrant and adorable personality, as she thrives in her forever home today.

Her emotional attachment to her pink rabbit plush toy, given to her by Judy after her rescue, is the most powerful aspect of her journey. She has cherished the toy for four years and has never let it go. The toy represents hope and faith for Mercy even in the darkest of times.

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