Social Media Sensation ‘Noodle The Pug’ Has Crossed The Rainbow Bridge At 14

The internet is mourning the loss of “Noodle the Pug,” who, after bringing joy to millions of people with his “Bones” or “No Bones” videos, has died. Noodle’s dad, Jonathan, shared the heartbreaking news with his devoted fans via a video posted to his social media accounts over the weekend.

The pair had been best friends for seven beautiful years, though no amount of time is ever quite long enough.


“I’m so sorry to have to share this, but Noodle passed yesterday. He was at home. He was in my arms. This is incredibly sad. It’s incredibly difficult,” Jonathan said in his video.

Puppy Prophet

Noodle and Jonathan became social media stars because of their “Bones” or “No Bones” videos, which provided a daily morning horoscope for his thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok. Noodle was seen as a “puppy prophet,” determining whether it would be a good day or a bad day based on his morning body language.

In their short clips, Jonathan would gently lift the handsome senior pug out of bed. If Noodle stayed standing or even sitting, it was considered a “Bones day” full of promise. If he flopped back down into his cozy bed, it was a “No Bones day,” meaning viewers had better watch out for trouble.


Jonathan would joke that on some days, Noodle would wake up without any bones in his wrinkly body. On those days, you were to take on as little responsibility as possible or even crawl back into your own bed. But on days that sweet Noodle woke up ready to tackle the day (Bones days), you were said to have lots of luck, energy, and productivity.

Noodle’s videos were posted every couple of days, with all content creation depending on how the 14 ½-year-old was feeling. The sweet senior had recently faced multiple health scares and wasn’t always feeling up for filming.

Now, millions of people across the internet are mourning the loss of their puppy prophet and are devastated to know that there will be no new “Bones” or “No Bones” videos from their beloved friend Noodle.

“And even though this is incredibly sad, I wanted to encourage you to celebrate him while we’re navigating this sadness,” Jonathan said.

Noodle the pug was rescued just after Jonathan got hired by BarkBox. He didn’t have a dog at the time, but someone came up to him after an event and asked if he was interested in adopting a sweet, seven-year-old Pug.

Then, what started-out as a silly, inside joke became a way to bring joy to so many. Thank you, Jonathan for continuously posting such positive, uplifting content and for sharing your sweet prince with all of us. You truly did give Noodle an incredible life. We will miss him so very much!

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