Woman Breaks Into Animal Shelter To Save Her Dog From Euthanasia

No matter what happens, dogs are a part of the family. We can always see the good in our furry friends, which is why most dog parents strive to work on training their pups. Yet, the world doesn’t always see our dogs as the angels we know and love. And when it comes to Pit Bulls, many people assume the worst faster than they would for any other dog.

Toya Stewart’s Pit Bull Hazel had some aggression problems toward strangers, but the dog was a sweetheart around her loved ones. Instead of giving Stewart a chance to train Hazel and keep her out of trouble, the city ordered the dog to be put down. So, Stewart took matters into her own hands.

Woman hugging Pit Bull

Attempting Every Method

Hazel was only two months old when Stewart brought her home. The dog was there for many struggles in her life, including an abusive relationship and homelessness. Hazel has always been a sweet dog to her family, but sadly, she bit the mailman and a small dog.

After several bite incidents, Hazel was deemed dangerous in Oklahoma City. She was ordered to be euthanized, so Oklahoma City Animal Welfare took her. Stewart didn’t deny Hazel’s actions, but instead, she said the dog was protective. As with most dogs, additional training could have helped.

Pit Bull playing outside

“She doesn’t deserve it, and they knew that I loved her,” Stewart said. “Why would you kill somebody that somebody loved so much?”

So, instead of letting her dog die, Stewart decided to try to save her. She used a drone to look at the animal shelter’s property, and then, she broke in. After two failed attempts, she successfully rescued Hazel. She broke a window and pried the kennel door open to free the dog. Then, she crawled under the fence outside, with Hazel following her.

Pit Bull resting

“I didn’t want to break any laws, I don’t want to harm anyone, I just wanted my dog,” said Stewart.

The Heartbreaking Reality

Stewart got to spend a few more days with Hazel at home before the police located them. They took Hazel back to the shelter and brought Stewart to jail. No charges have been filed yet.

“I couldn’t let her die like that,” Stewart said. “I had to let her know that I’ve tried everything for her.”

Woman with late Pit Bull

Hazel was still euthanized per the judge’s orders despite all Stewart’s efforts. Stewart is heartbroken that they didn’t give her the body to bury. She’s expected to face charges soon, but all she can think about now is her dog’s death.

Regardless of the tragic results, Stewart says she’d do it all again in a heartbeat. She showed Hazel that she’d do anything to save her, and any extra time with her dog was worth it. Some people might not understand her dedication to her furry friend, but many dog parents would’ve acted similarly if they were in her shoes.

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